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President's Report

Welcome to 2019 and another year for our IREM Chapter 82 members to network, share best practices and advance the profession of real estate management!  Our chapter kicked off 2019 with our holiday party at Maple Bluff Country Club on January 16th.  This was a fantastic event attended by many members and Industry Partners as well as Maleta Brown, IREM’s Region 9 Vice President & Mel Schultz, IREM’s Senior Vice President.  The highlights of the event were the swearing in of our 2019 chapter board members and three new CPM® & ARM® members.  Congratulations to Margaret Porco (CPM®), Ryan Atkinson (ARM®) & Mark Heller (ARM®) for obtaining their IREM designations. Thank you to all attendees and to FGS The Restoration Company, Sid Grinker Restoration & Wisconsin Management Company for sponsoring the event.

On February 13, we held the Fair Housing Training Seminar sponsored by Sid Grinker Restoration at Tri-North Builders and Erika Sanders from the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council was our speaker.  Erika is a fair housing leader who has conducted over 300 fair housing presentations and she gave us a thorough overview of fair housing laws while also updating the group on important details to consider in managing open and inclusive properties in our communities.  Erika and her organization are a valuable resource for fair housing guidance so feel free to reach out to them as needed.  MMFHC can be reached at

As a chapter, we strive to host events that are interesting, relevant and valuable to our members so we will continue to welcome feedback, ideas and suggestions from you.  Our next event is scheduled for March 14th and we will be given a tour of The Gebhardt Building which houses the area’s premier music venue called The Sylvee as well as tenants such as Google & Regus.  April 22nd-26th, IREM Madison will be hosting IREM’s ARM® Track Class.  The ARM® certification is regarded as the most recognized credential for residential real estate managers and the class educates managers on topics such as human resources, financial management, maintenance, marketing and ethics.  If you are looking to take the next step in your real estate management career, this class is for you.  You can register for events on the IREM Madison Chapter 82 website and also see additional event information, Industry Partner contacts & general news about our chapter.

I’m looking forward to another great year of connecting and learning from each other and I hope to see you at the next event.

Josh Lazare, CPM®

IREM Madison Chapter 82 President


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Calendar of Events

2019 Events

March 14                      Luncheon and Tour 

April 22-26                   IREM ARM® Track Classes

June12-14                   IREM Midwest Regional Meeting

September 23-26      IREM Global Summit San Francisco, CA


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Welcome New Members

New IREM® from September 25, 2018 - Feb19, 2019

CPM® Candidate - Kelly Cochran - Meridan Group, Inc.

Associate Member - Jason Drussel - Hovde Properties

Associate Member - Tim Fritz

CPM® Candidate - Nick Larson - Meridan Group, Inc.

Associate Member - Danielle Schumacher - Fulcrum 250 East, LLC

Associate Member - Scott Sklare - Synergy Real Estate Group

Academic Member - John Sobota - Lecturer at University of Wisconsin-Stout

CPM® Candidate - Abby Thomas


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2019 IREM® Madison Anniversaries

5 Year Anniversary:

ARM®                   Matt Howarth                   Hovde Properties

ARM®                   Terri Miles

ARM®                   Beth Ripp                             Overlook Pointe

Associate           Becky Hildebrandt           Horizon Management Services, Inc.

10 Year Anniversary:

CPM®, ARM®      Kevin Penkert                    Penkert Properties, LLC

ARM®                   Lindsey Scheidegger        Madison Property

20 Year Anniversary:

ARM®                   Eleanor Wu

30 Year Anniversary:

CPM®                    Dan Schmidt                       Forward Management

35 Year Anniversary:

CPM®                    Nancy Lawson

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Gebhardt Building Property Tour

Click here to register!


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2018 Chapter Recognition Awards


Commercial CPM® of the Year – Konrad Opitz, CPM®


Property Management Company of the Year –  BMOC Inc.

ARM® of the Year - Quinton Marks,  ARM®

Leadership Award – Peter Korotev, CPM®

Deal Maker of the Year - Jim Stopple, CPM®


Rising Star CPM® - Joshua Lazare, CPM®


 IREM Madison Educator of the Year – Bill Levy, CPM®

Unable to attend:

Residential CPM® of the Year – Kevin Penkert, CPM®, ARM®

Rising Star ARM® – Sabrina Guger, ARM®

Industry Partner of the Year – Tri-North Builders

AMO® Firm of the Year – Oakbrook Corporation


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IREM® ARM® Track Classes

Register Today! Course Qualifies for Early Bird Pricing!

All classes located at: Tri North Building 2625 Research Park Drive, Fitchburg, WI 53711

CLICK HERE for all class offerings

ARM Track (ETH800, RES201, ARMEXM) - ARMTRK Click Here to Register

4/22/19 - 4/26/19

The ARM Certification is regarded as the most recognized credential for residential real estate managers, and the ARM Track experience will get you one step closer to earning it. The ARM Track explores key concepts related to ethical real estate management and reviews the following key competency areas related to effective residential site management: human resources and relationship management, property financial management, maintenance and risk management, and marketing and leasing.

ARM Track Courses:

** The "Real Estate Management Ethics Online - ETH001" self-paced course also fulfills the ethics education requirement for the ARM Certification.


Standard Calculator Required: Note that a standard calculator is required for this track.


Ethics For The Real Estate Manager - ETH800 Click Here to Register


Becoming an accomplished business professional takes more than just hard work. In fact, how you respond to ethical challenges has a big impact on your long-term personal reputation and success in business. But being ethical is not just a matter of following the law – it’s meeting the standards and expectations that govern the real estate profession. Professional ethics can make the difference between a career as an all-star and a career as an also-ran. Ethics matter. And people pay attention.

Register today and learn to tackle daily ethical dilemmas head on:

  • Welcome to the Real World. Get a full overview of the IREM Code of Professional Ethics, including the study of actual ethics cases and their implications.
  • Do the Right Thing. Tactics and strategies to resolve ethical dilemmas.
  • Avoiding Conflict. Identifying factors that contribute to conflicts of interest so you’ll know when to avoid them.                                                          



Managing Residential Properties - RES201 Click Here to Register

4/23/19 - 4/26/19

This is your comprehensive, one-stop-shop solution to understanding and implementing the essentials of residential property management. From operations to finance to human resources, you’ll get every skill you could possibly need to optimize residential management, and enhance your reputation in your marketplace.

Register today and get ready to take an evolutionary leap in your career:

  • Discover the Big Picture. Gain insight into the exciting profession of residential management, including what you need to know about the management company, the property team, ownership entities, and the primary responsibility of meeting the owner’s goals and objectives.
  • Get Talented at Talent Development. You’ll learn about managing the team, the life cycle of an employee, employment law and regulations, and effective communications, including intergenerational dynamics. Find out how to boost productivity and collaboration.
  • It’s All About the Money. Improve your property’s bottom line and earn recognition by mastering accounting, budgeting, cash flow, capitalization, and working with capital.
  • Be an Operational Expert. Create a maintenance and risk management plan, inspect and protect the property, get smart at sustainability, and discover the keys to working with contractors.
  • Market. Lease. Succeed. Understand target markets, comparison grids, marketing strategies and social media, execution of the lease, the importance of resident retention, and the ins and outs of relevant laws.
  • Behind the Scenes. Get a handle on record keeping strategies and accurate reporting to the owner. Ensure you’re on target to meet the owner’s goals and objectives.


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Midwest Regional Meeting

June 12-14, 2019

St. Louis, MO

For more information CLICK HERE

Registration must be done with IREM National at


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IREM® Public Policy Priorities

ADA Lawsuit Reform
IREM supports legislation to create a “notice and cure” provision within Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This would allow business owners the opportunity to rectify violations within a reasonable amount of time before being threatened with costly lawsuits or demand letters for a monetary settlement. IREM believes that this reform will protect building owners, while still holding them accountable for ensuring accessibility to all Americans.
Fair Housing
IREM believes in equal opportunity in housing and supports the right of all people to freely choose where they will live without the constraint of prejudice or discrimination. IREM opposes practices and policies that have a known discriminatory effect on any demographic group defined by race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, familial status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Additionally, IREM is opposed to policies and practices which are known to have a disparate impact on any demographic group defined by race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, familial status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. However, IREM supports the ability for real estate professionals to continue such policies or practices if there is a legitimate business purpose for the policy, and that purpose cannot be accomplished in a readily identifiable and not unduly burdensome means with a less discriminatory impact. IREM further opposes actions that require unreasonable research into whether such policies or practices have a disparate impact or discriminatory effect.
Source of Income Discrimination
Some state and local governments have designated source of income as a protected class under their fair housing laws forcing property managers to accept tenant-based subsidies. By accepting these subsidies, landlords must also accept lease amendments to comply with government requirements. IREM is supportive of the concept of government assisted housing practices and making affordable housing opportunities available to all citizens. However, IREM believes that involvement in these programs should be voluntary and opposes any policies that require owners of private housing to surrender their property rights. The selection of tenants and the terms of the contractual relationship are the function of the property owner or manager, not the government. Allowing certain tenants to have different (governmentmandated) provisions included in their leases puts increased financial and administrative burdens on housing providers and may be unfair to other residents.
Companion Animals
IREM supports and invites guidance from the government on the issue of companion animals, sometimes referred to as emotional support animals, with respect to the Fair Housing Act (FHA). Unlike service animals, which are regulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), companion animals receive no specialized training and are typically for individuals with mental disabilities or those in need of emotional support.

Federally Assisted Housing
Federally assisted housing puts people into homes who otherwise would have challenges obtaining safe and decent housing. Providing assistance to low-income earners helps them find housing and helps real estate managers and owners fill vacancies. IREM Members own and manage over 60% of all federally assisted housing and public housing units in the United States. Under project-based programs, the federal government, through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) contracts with private owners to fund the difference between the rent for the unit and 30% of the tenant’s income. IREM closely monitors all legislative and regulatory activity pertaining to federally assisted housing and engages with policy makers to encourage continued funding and clarification of new and existing notices and rules.
Rent Control
IREM is opposed to government control of rents and supports a property owner’s right to establish rents that produce sufficient income to accommodate the basic needs of residents and encourage investment in new construction and existing properties. IREM urges elected officials at all levels of government to oppose rent control as it significantly affects the housing inventory by accelerating the deterioration and loss of existing housing, while discouraging the construction of new housing.
Medical and Recreational Marijuana
An increasing number of states are legalizing marijuana to varying degrees, but it is still illegal at the federal level. This conflict between federal and state laws creates a complicated situation for real estate owners and managers. Property managers should review state and local statutes and regulations to ensure they are in compliance with medical marijuana laws and regulations. Property managers may also utilize best practices to address the issue as they see fit, such as lease addendums, with which smoking and illegal drug use can be prohibited. IREM invites guidance from the government on how to implement policy and procedures for the properties real estate owners and managers operate.
Flood Insurance
IREM supports reform of the NFIP to ensure its ongoing sustainability, encouragement of costeffective private flood insurance options, and long-term reauthorization of NFIP so that it remains a viable option for property owners. The National Flood Insurance program (NFIP) is a partnership among federal, state, and local governments that helps mitigate flood risk and provide affordable flood insurance to those who need it most. If the program expires, flood insurance will become more costly or even unavailable. The NFIP provides over 90% of all flood insurance nationwide and close to 100% of flood insurance coverage for individually owned properties and small to mid-size commercial properties.

Data Security
Property managers collect and maintain huge amounts of sensitive data, including social security numbers and financial information, putting them at risk from cyber-criminals. IREM supports government efforts aimed at sharing information about possible cyber threats, establishing reasonable data security standards, and helping avert security breaches and their aftermath. IREM opposes legislation that would be overly onerous on property owners and managers or their clients. IREM also strongly encourages members to use best practices protect the confidential personal information of their clients.

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Job Postings

Need to hire someone?  IREM can post your job posting online!

Email Leslie at [email protected]


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